2020’s  Schedule:


2019’s Past Events:

March 23rd, Jindo Sea Parting Festival

March 30th, Yellow Taxi

April 12th Osan E-Club

April 19th Flightline Taproom

April 27th C-Festival at COEX Mall-Seoul

May 10th Osan E-Club-Osan Air Base

May 11th Alleyway Taphouse, Suwon

June 14th Osan E-Club-Osan Air Base

June 15th & 16th Daegu Craft Beer Festival

September 7th Alleyway Taphouse

September 28th Admiral Lee Festival-Jindo

October 3rd – COEX Beer Festival-Seoul

October 12th Speakeasy-Gwangju

October 26th – Togetherness Festival – Daejeon

November 9th – Yesan Apple Festival – Yesan

December 14th – Alleyway Taphouse – Suwon

Past Events and performances


February 10th, Speakeasy, Gwangju

March 17th, Yellow Taxi-Daejeon

March 31st, Watering Ghost-Daejeon

April 7th, Speakeasy-Gwangju

April 21st, Santa Claus-Daejeon

May 19th, Jindo Sea Parting Festival

June 2nd, Yellow Taxi-Daejeon

June 30th, Alleyway Taphouse-Suwon

July 7th, The Royal Anchor-Ulsan

 July 14th & 15th, Daegu Craft Beer Festival

August 18th, Kunsan-Nomad Burn Festival

September 1st & 2nd  Craft Beer Festival, Gapyeong

September 8th Boogie Woogie Bar, Seoul South Korea

 September 9th Craft Beer Festival, Sincheon

September 29th Speakeasy, Gwangju

October 13th Alleyway Taphouse, Suwon

October 27th Togetherness Festival, Daejeon@3:40 P.M.

October 27th Yellow Taxi’s Halloween Party, Daejeon

November 3rd, Yesan Apple Festival

 November 3rd TNT Bar, Pyeongtaek

December 1st, Yellow Taxi, Daejeon

December 8th, Alleyway Taphouse, Suwon


November 4th Yesan Apple Festival – Yesan

October 28th Daejeon Togetherness Festival – Daejeon

October 14th & 15th Gmeg Festival, Sincheon-Seoul

September 9th Yellow Taxi’s EPIK welcome party

September 9th &10th Daejeon Food Festival at 5 p.m.- Expo Park

June 3rd Daejeon Craft Beer Festival

May 13th & 14th Gapeyong Beer Festival

April 29th Jindo Sea Parting Festival-Jindo

April 22nd Craft Beer and Music Festival- Hangang

February 18th Yellow Taxi

February 4th Speakeasy – Gwangju


December 10th YellowTaxi Daejeon – Daejeon

November 5th Yesan Apple Wine Festival – Yesan

October 22nd Watering Ghost – Daejeon

October 15th Daejeon Craft Beer & Music Festival

September 24th & 25th Baekjae Cultural Heritage Festival 백제문화제 – Gongju

August 27th Alleyway Taphouse – Suwon

July 29th & 30th Aqua Festival – Jangheung

July 16th Watering Ghost – Daejeon

July 2nd Independence Day Cruise – Gimpo

June 11th Everland Beer Ferstival – Yongin

May 21st Daejeon Togetherness Festival – Daejeon

May 14th 2nd Annual Craft Beer & Music Festival – Gapyeong

May 7th Great Korean Beer Festival C.O.E.X. Mall – Seoul

May 7th Thunder Horse Tavern – Seoul

April 23rd Watering Ghost – Daejeon

April 16th Alleyway Taphouse – Suwon

April 9th Sea Parting Festival – Jindo Island

April 2nd Thunderhorse Tavern – Seoul

March 26th YellowTaxi Daejeon – Daejeon

March 5th Watering Ghost – Daejeon


December 24th & 25th Chridtmas Cruise – Gimpo

November 14th Watering Ghost – Daejeon

November 7th Yeasan Apple Wine Festival – Yeasan

October 31st Yellow Taxi – Daejeon
October 31st Daejeon Togetherness Festival – Daejeon

October 17th Gimpo Ara Dragonboat Race/Beer Festival – Gimpo

October 3 & 4 Baekjae Festival – Gongju

September 19th Watering Ghost – Daejeon

August 29th Yellow Taxi – Daejeon

July 4th Yellow Taxi – Daejeon

July 4th U.S. Army Garrison Yongsan – Seoul

June 27th – Brickhouse – Daejeon

May 16th Thunderhorse – Seoul

April 25th Mustang Pizza & beer – Daejeon

April 17th 1st Annual Craft Beer & Music Festival – Gapyeong

March 28th Daejeon Centrale – Daejeon

March 20th Sea Parting Festival – Jindo Island

February 28th Santa Clause – Daejeon

January 24th YellowTaxi Daejeon – Daejeon


December 13th Daejeon YellowTaxi – Daejeon

December 6th Thunderhorse Tavern – Seoul

November 15th Central Good Times Bar – Daejeon